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Coldwell Banker Village Communities Real Estate Agent 

Who is Zach Dunivan?

Zach's client-centric approach focuses on long-term success and well-being rather than quick transactions. He is dedicated to educating clients, ensuring they make informed decisions and understand the nuances of their investments. Zach's passion for helping people adds a layer of trust and sincerity to his professional relationships.


In addition to his real estate expertise, Zach is a nature enthusiast and a proud owner of various properties, including Airbnb’s, residential rentals, and timeshares. His diverse passions, from wing shooting to bow hunting, reflect his adventurous spirit.


Zach Dunivan is the ideal choice for those seeking a Realtor who values education, long-term investments, and a holistic approach to real estate. His dedication to excellence and commitment to clients' needs make him a trailblazer in the industry.


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Embarking on the journey of purchasing your first home can be both exhilarating and daunting. Our First-Time Home Buyer Services are meticulously designed to guide you through every step of this significant milestone with ease and confidence.

Real estate investments are more than just transactions; they're strategic assets in your financial portfolio. Our Real Estate Portfolio Management services offer a sophisticated, personalized approach to managing and growing your real estate investments.

Let us transform your home selling journey into a rewarding experience. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our proven marketing strategies, ensures your home sells quickly and for the best price.

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